Man sexually abused girl while dressed as woman after offering child lift home

Man sexually abused girl while dressed as woman after offering child lift home

A man has admitted to abducting a girl from her primary school and repeatedly sexually assaulting her over more than 24 hours while dressed as a woman.

Andrew Miller, 53 pleaded guilty to charges of abduction, sexual assault, watching pornography in the presence of the child, and possessing 242 indecent images of children at a Scottish court.

Edinburgh High Court heard that Miller, a former butcher, committed "abhorrent crimes" against the young girl, whose "fear and distress" was "palpable" when she called 999.

Prosecutor Lorraine Glancy KC told the court that Miller offered the young girl, who "looked freezing", a lift as she stood outside her school in February this year.

After the girl accepted - because she was cold and believed Miller's female presentation was non-threatening - he drove her to his home in the Scottish Borders, where he locked her in a room and refused to let her leave.

In the following 27 hours, the father-of-three subjected her to repeated sexual assaults until he fell asleep, and she was able to escape.

She used his landline to call 999, and officers traced her location before arresting the defendant, who was still asleep in bed and dressed as a woman.

Miller claims to be currently transitioning to 'female' and presented as Amy George when he was arrested.

But in court, he asked to be referred to as Andrew Miller and used "he" pronouns for simplicity.

For the time the child was confined at the property, Miller was dressed in women's clothes, wearing a bra and women's underwear.

He also made the girl watch porn.

The court heard how the child escaped by "complete fortune" and that she was evidently relieved when found by police.

Following his arrest, three laptops were seized from his property and a total of 242 indecent images of children were found, most of which were of the lowest category.

His internet history was also accessed, showing his searches for indecent images.

Miller did not appear in person at court and was remanded in custody after entering his plea via video link.

He will be sentenced on August 15, and the court is considering imposing an order for lifelong restriction.

The order would mean Miller is held in prison for a set period and released on the decision of a parole board. He would also be monitored for the rest of his life.