More media lies. Drowned "boy" was 28

More media lies. Drowned "boy" was 28

For the last 36 hours, the UK media have been full of bleeding hearts over the drowning of a boy of 16 from Sudan as he tried to cross the English Channel in a rubber dinghy. Now it turns out the whole story is yet another liberal propaganda hoax.

French prosecutors have now revealed that the media and politicians have been lying. The 'innocent boy' was actually a 28 burglar.

The victim and a friend had stolen the dinghy from a beach hut they had smashed open. The pair of aspiring brain surgeons also stole two shovels to use as oars, but managed to puncture the blow-up boat with one not long after leaving the French beach.

His body was found on a beach at Sangatte seven hours later. 

The prosecutor investigating the death has said that the identity document found on his body shows he is 28 years old - a fact now even admitted by the notoriously pro-immigration BBC.