Drums of War Beat in Ukraine

Drums of War Beat in Ukraine

The political elite of the West are sleepwalking towards a potentially disastrous war with Russia. The Biden family's criminal business links with the fanatically anti-Russian regime in the Ukraine have brought the danger to a whole new level.

While the mass media and public of most Western nations are still focused on covid lockdowns and vaccinations, there is almost no coverage of the huge troop movements and regular and increasingly serious cease-fire violations on the borders of the small, independent republics carved out of eastern Ukraine by their Russian-speaking inhabitants in response to waves of ethnic cleansing attacks perpetrated by Ukrainian neo-Nazis backed by the pro-Western coup regime and its Nato allies.

Experts with their fingers on the pulse are warning that all-out war could explode at any moment, with most regarding a major new conflict as nearly inevitable. Is there any chance that this would stay local, a proxy war fought by Ukrainian and local ethnic Russian forces? Or would a succession of escalations drag in Polish and Belarussian troops, followed by Nato and Russian forces? What are the attitudes of the key players? What is it about this conflict that makes it the most likely to spill over into nuclear war than any international crisis since 1962?

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