Dublin March For Life – One Week To Go!

Dublin March For Life – One Week To Go!

Just one week to go before one of the biggest pro-life demonstrations in the whole of Western Europe! It’s in Dublin next weekend and we urge all our Irish brethren and supporters to attend!


The Rally brings thousands out to stand for life because of the tireless efforts of its volunteers. 

So please call right now – 01 8730465 – to help promote the biggest and most important pro-life event of the year.

Join us in Dublin on 6 July to:

  • Show your opposition to Simon Harris’ extreme abortion law.
  • Show your support for pro-life medical professionals who oppose abortion and wish to be free to conscientiously object.
  • Show your support for women experiencing unexpected pregnancies or difficult circumstances – lets show that we can and will offer them a better answer than abortion.
  • Show the nation that we, the 723,632 who proudly voted No to this unjust and barbaric law, haven’t gone anywhere and we will continue to stand up for life and against abortion
  • We need YOUR help to make the All Ireland Rally for Life a success and show the Irish nation that the pro-life movement has not gone away and that we will always fight for our mothers and babies.