Dutch Farmers Rebel Against Great Reset

Dutch Farmers Rebel Against Great Reset

Dutch farmers are in open rebellion against the liberal government of the Netherlands over its drive to cut nitrogen use in half within 8 years.

The aggressive set of policies come direct from the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, by way of the European Union. approves: Schwab greatly admires Mark Rutte, the first liberal to be appointed Prime Minister in 92 years, as the epitome of a national leader favorable to World Economic Forum policies.

Politicians in suits that jet set around to world in their maniacal global forums do more harm than individual farmers; they are the ruling elite who no doubt contribute more than their fair share of the byproducts of civilization.

As well as blocking roads and ports, the angry farmers even hijacked the private jet used by Rutte and other top officials stolen from its government hanger.

The whole issue was discussed in detail by Nick Griffin on Wednesday evening's Templar Report. If you've not already seen it, take a look here: