Easter Sunday in The Cradle of Christianity

Easter Sunday in The Cradle of Christianity

As Americans celebrate Easter, remember our brave Christian brothers and sisters who risked Islamist bomb threats to celebrate Easter in the streets of Syria

These two remarkable videos show aspects of real life in Syria that the West’s fake news media don’t want you to see.

First, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad pays an Easter Sunday visit to a historic Christian town when it was newly recaptured from jihadist-backed rebels. After that, footage from the Easter Sunday celebration parade in a suburb of government-held Damascus. This was the city, of course, where St. Paul first began his historic mission to bring Christianity to the world.

This is the Syria that Russia and Iran helped save. Please remember this when you next see the anti-Russian propaganda and anti-Iranian warmongering spewing from liberal and ‘conservative’ news outlets alike in the West…