Eastern European countries want their young people back - and why there's no good news for the dying West

EASTERN European migrants living in the UK are being urged to return to their homelands - with politicians using the Jackson 5 song ‘I want you back’ used as a slogan.

Continued westward emigration has created a ‘brain drain’ in the east of the continent, which is suffering economically due to a lack of skilled workers and students.Now Latvia has launched a campaign to reverse the emigration tide, using as a slogan the 1969 classic, which includes the lyrics: “I was blind to let you go, I need one more chance”.

Other countries in Eastern Europe have launched similar campaigns. Poland’s ‘Return’ campaign offers returning migrants help with housing, jobs and healthcare, while Romania has teamed up with businesses and universities, offering scholarships and employment opportunities.

There are around 700,000 Polish-born migrants living in the UK, along with 80,000 Romanians, 115,000 Lithuanians and 65,000 Latvians - potentially lucrative populations their home countries are desperate to entice back.

Lithuania-Based Rokas Grajauskas of Dankse Bank said: “The diaspora living abroad represent a huge untapped potential for their countries of origin.”

The ‘brain drain’ costs Eastern European countries an average of seven per cent of their gross domestic product every year - with the loss set to increase to nine per cent in the near future.Naturally, many native Brits, who have found east European workers lowering wages and taking jobs, will be delighted at the idea of them returning home. Unfortunately, however, decades of contraception and abortion have crushed the indigenous British and West European birthrate and young working (and consuming) population to the point that the current capitalist economy and social state simply cannot survive without immigration.

Bleak Outlook for the West

So now the choice all across the West is between stopping immigration and causing a socio-economic collapse, or allowing immigration to continue.

In other words, there is no viable choice - the 'West' is finished. Over. Gone. The population replacement already under way cannot possible be stopped, let alone reversed, by any measures possibly 'saleable' in a democratic society - especially as the huge media and political power of Big Business is totally committed to keeping mass immigration.

So, for the sake of the survival of both Christendom and European identity, we hope that the growing campaign by central and eastern European nations to get their young people home succeeds.

It needs to be 'joined up' with the banning of abortion in all but truly exceptional cases, with massive social, economic and moral support for large families, and with long-term measures to attract large numbers of young 'white flight' refugees from the West. It's too late for Britain, France, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia, but a European Christian bulwark can still be created in the Visegrad4 nations and their like-minded neighbours - provided they adopt this package of measures AND ban all non-European immigration (especially by Muslims).

One other factor is going to be hugely important, and literally guarantees that huge numbers of young eastern Europeans will indeed go home in the next few years - and be joined by large numbers of West Europeans who see a bleak future in their ancestral homelands.  It's coming, and it's another historic fact that it is already way too late to stop. 

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