Elite Speed Up Gender Mutilation Horror

Elite Speed Up Gender Mutilation Horror

The elite are speeding up the promotion of total gender and sexual insanity at a rate that would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago. It’s as if they know they’re running out of time.

in the last two days alone, it has emerged that school children in Britain are now being punished for questioning their friends’ claims to have “changed gender”. And US entertainment giant Netflix has announced the the hit nineties cartoon series Rocko’s Modern Life is to return, with the ‘transitioning’ of a key character being central to the new show.

And here’s another example: The supposedly ‘right-wing’ Daily Mail has run a major piece on the revolting creature pictured above. The 58-year-old freak is a former banker turned ‘dragon lady’ who has spent a whopping $75,000 on more than 20 body mutilation procedures to transform into a genderless mythical creature.

Tiamat (named after an ancient Middle Eastern demon), who identifies as a transspecies reptilian, has undergone castration, ear removal, tongue splitting, and 18 horn implants over the past two decades after catching AIDS from homosexual activities in Los Angeles.

‘I am in the process of going genderless, so I prefer they, them pronouns,’ The Los Angeles resident explained. ‘My ultimate preference is to simply be called an ‘it,’ just like my own kind, the snakes.’

The Mail continued:

“‘It is my goal and mission to shatter the gender binary and to inspire others out there to embrace being non-binary by sharing my story of going genderless,’ they said.”

That’s not a misprint. Throughout the whole long article, the Mail used the ridiculous pronoun choices of this self-confessedly militant anti-normal freak.

And the paper’s twisted social engineering agenda is shown even more clearly by its handling the Comments section. This is being ‘moerated’ – i.e. censored.

After 24 hours there were only 20 comments published, but the one which was a mild criticism had 4699 Likes. This proves that huge numbers of people have gone to the Comments section. For only 20 comments to appear means that the Mail’s censors must have been working flat out to delete a torrent of critical posts from normal people appalled both at the creature and at the paper’s shameless kowtowing to the extremes of the gender freak lobby.