England's Future: It’s Brexit or Corbyn!

England's Future: It’s Brexit or Corbyn!

Britain faces a stark choice: Either the divided, treacherous Tory party delivers the Brexit that most of its MPs oppose – or the Marxist Islamophile Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister at the next general election. That’s what emerged from the result of yesterday’s Peterborough by-election.


In a result that will cause panic at Tory HQ, Labour’s Lisa Forbes sneaked home by 683 votes despite winning less than a third of the vote – as the Conservatives slumped into third place but took enough votes to stop Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party beating Labour.

It underlines how easily Labour could score a general election victory when the two rival ‘right-wing’ parties are squabbling over the same base.

A bitter blame game immediately erupted between Mr Farage and Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson, who claimed that Brexit Party votes risked ‘delivering Corbyn to No 10’.

Mr Farage shot back by pointing out that Johnson used to support Britain’s membership of the EU and more recently vote for Theresa May’s disgraceful fake Brexit-lite ‘deal’ “What does he really believe in?” asked Farage.

In an y case, with the Brexit Party way ahead of the Tories in all the opinion polls, it is clear that it is the Tories who are splitting the anti-Labour vote.

So if they fail to elect and support a new leader who will give the British people the Brexit they vote for, the last act of the lying, dying Conservative Party will be to open the door to 10 Downing Street to an open Marxist.

Corbyn is a long-term friend of IRA terrorists and whose constituency organisation has for years been happily renting council premises to hardcore Islamist fanatics. And he’s just one more Tory betrayal away from running Britain!