English Pride Now Protected by Law

English Pride Now Protected by Law

At last! Being proud to be English is a position protected in law. And it’s about time too!

For years, the law protected every ‘minority’ you could possibly think of from discrimination and ‘hate speech’. Every possible nationality, colour, race, sexuality, religion or philosophy was covered by ‘human rights’ legislation.

With three glaring exceptions: If you were White or Christian you were theoretically protected, but the law was generally ignored, as being White or Christian makes you guilty in the eyes of the liberal elite. And as for being English – well, for years, we were denied even the most basic recognition.

The elite didn’t even want to acknowledge that the English even exist, let alone that we have rights.

But a dramatic and hard-fought English Democrat court challenge has made English Nationalism a 'protected characteristic’. In a court case heard in March this year, a judge ruled that English nationalists are protected from discrimination in the same way followers of a religion or philosophical belief.

Those holding firm political views regarding the culture, identity and politics of England qualify to sue under equality laws, Judge Christiana Hyde said.

The hearing in south London was told Steven Thomas was appointed via a recruitment agency as a consultant to Surrey and Borders NHS Trust in May 2018.

But in July his employment was terminated after the Trust found out about his high-level involvement with the English Democrats.

Mr Thomas argued that he was the victim of discrimination because his support for English nationalism was equivalent to a philosophical belief.

The Equality Act 2010 says in the provisions relating to work section 'extending protection in private clubs to sex, religion or belief, pregnancy and maternity, and gender reassignment'.

These are called 'protected characteristics' that cannot be used against a person at work.

Mr Thomas's lawyer said: 'To [him], English nationalism is the nationalism that asserts that the English are a nation and promotes the cultural unity of English people.

'In a general sense, it comprises political and social movements and sentiment inspired by a love for English culture, language and history, and a sense of pride in England and the English people.

'[His] English nationalism, in its full flowering, welcomes the inclusion of those who choose to live in England to adopt English identity and with it, allegiance to England.'

In her ruling, Judge Hyde - one of Britain's only black female judges - said she accepted his claim his beliefs were real.

She said: 'Mr Thomas outlined the history of how he had discovered his English identity, from about the age of eight in the context of supporting a national sporting team.

'He then described how his sense of his English identity grew as he grew older, influenced, for example by learning about the problems in Ireland.

'He rejected the three main UK parties as vehicles for his political involvement as they were just that - parties of the whole United Kingdom.

'He identified that the other nations of the United Kingdom all had nationalist parties i.e. parties just representing that nation. Thus, he selected The English Democrat Party and joined it.'

'His belief in English nationalism goes to the heart of how a democracy, in his view, should be run. He has a clear understanding of what his belief entails.

Judge Hyde concluded: 'English Nationalism is capable of constituting a philosophical belief under... the Equality Act.' This sets a hugely important precedent, so the English Democrats have won a massive victory for EVERY proud Englishman and English woman.

Unfortunately, the ruling didn’t help Mr Thomas himself, because the judge decided that Mr. Thomas's entitlement to claim discrimination was ‘undermined’ by his anti-Muslim views. She said his views on Islam conflicted with the fundamental rights of others, so voided his argument.    

Mr. Thomas told the tribunal 'this is England' and that there were 'cultural challenges' to having people of the Islamic faith living here.

Despite this, the key judgement making English nationalism a protected characteristic is a major step forward in the campaign for civil rights for the English. In short – a famous English Democrat victory!