Epiphany – A Day Of Great Celebration

Epiphany – A Day Of Great Celebration

Epiphany is a time when Christians remember the Wise Men, who are also known as the Three Kings, who visited Jesus.

They were led by a star, which took them to a stable, where the Son of God was revealed.

Scarcely noticed in most Anglo communities, the day is marked by huge festivals and celebrations in many Christian nations, including in particular Spain.

The word comes from the Greek word “to reveal” and some people may now use the word when they have just realised something. 

Epiphany always falls the day after Twelfth Night

People around the world often exchange gifts on Epiphany Day, as it is often regarded as important as Christmas Day.

Over in Spain and Latin America, they call the day El Dia de los Reyes and children leave out drinks for the Three Kings.

There are also parades and fireworks to celebrate the day. The day is also much celebrated in Germany and much of central Europe. For Orthodox Christians, meanwhile, today in Christmas Eve. Peace and Goodwill to all!