Epstein Scandal Was Blackmail Ring

Epstein Scandal Was Blackmail Ring

Further evidence has just emerged adding to the evidence that Jeffrey Epstein’s under-age sex parties were a blackmail operation designed to give the Israeli secret service, the Mossad, the power to control key politicians and other powerful figures from all over the Western world.

Federal authorities investigating wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are looking into a now-defunct charity that was run by the woman accused of ‘recruiting’ his alleged sex slaves.

The FBI is investigating links between Epstein and The TerraMar Project, a nonprofit that was funded by Ghislaine Maxwell, the New York Post is reporting on Saturday.

Maxwell, 57, is the daughter of late British media mogul and known Mossad spy, Robert Maxwell.

She moved to the United States after her father died in 1991. In the U.S., she became a close associate of Epstein, the convicted sex offender.

Epstein and Maxwell have been photographed alongside powerful figures including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and others.

While Donald Trump associated with Epstein, he seems to have done so in the company of his then girlfriend Melania, and even to have set the police on his former friend. These facts strongly suggest that Epstein’s blackmail operation did not catch The Donald. It seems unlikely that the same can be said for many other guests on Epstein’s super-yacht.

More weight is added to the Mossad sting operation theory by the fact that Epstein’s much-vaunted investment business appear to have been a mere shell. So if he did not make the money that paid for his extravagant (and very attractive to pole-climbing politicians with a craving for young flesh) lifestyle, who did? And why? The answer is obvious, and the Maxwell connection helps make it so.

In 2012, Maxwell founded The TerraMar Project, a charity that claimed to work on behalf of cleaning up the environment.

But the Post reported that the group was funded solely by Maxwell, who pumped money into it after taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of loans.

Documents list Maxwell as the president of TerraMar, whose official office was located at the same address as her home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Between 2012 and 2017, Maxwell put in $283,429, the Post reported. During that same period, it gave out just $874 in grants.

One name listed on the board of directors is that of a woman who was allegedly flown on Epstein’s private jet to one of his homes in either New York, Palm Beach, or the Virgin Islands.

Epstein is alleged to have ferried young girls to and from his homes where he and his high-powered ‘friends’ raped them. You can pretty much bet your life that all the encounters were secretly filmed, giving Epstein’s Mossad handlers the power to send the culprits to prison for decades – if they didn’t do what they were told when it came to Middle East politics.