EU Joins the War on Christmas

EU Joins the War on Christmas

The long-running 'war on Christmas' waged in the USA by atheist lobby groups and greedy corporations is now being rolled out in earnest in Europe under the guise of fighting the fake covid pandemic. A European Commission “communication” on December 2nd avoids mentioning the word, but urges that a number of measures be taken all over the EU, including severe limitations on “ceremonies” and a ban on “communal singing.”

The word “Christmas” is drearily absent from the European Commission’s communication, but the mention of “ceremonies” unambiguously points to the feast of the Birth of Our Lord. Despite massive, mainly Islamic immigration, the majority of citizens living in the formerly Christian nations of Europe share at least a basic Catholic or Christian culture. “Ceremonies” during the “holiday season” – a euphemism used to avoid religious terms in the European Union that notoriously rejected the mention of Europe’s Christian roots in its Charter – can hardly mean anything else than Holy Mass, and specially Midnight Mass, or the Protestant services that take place to celebrate Christmas.

This is how the unsigned document speaks about these religious gatherings: “In case of ceremonies, consider avoiding large services or using online, TV or radio broadcasts, allocating specific spots for close families (‘household bubbles’) to sit together, and banning of communal singing. The use of masks is particularly relevant during these types of gatherings.”

A handful of technocrats in Brussels – the seat of the European Commission – has told the whole of the European Union that “communal singing” is not good, and even dangerous and capable of sending people to their graves. In truth, of course, communal singing is a very powerful force not just in faith and religion, but also for fighting the scourge of depression. Simply put, it releases natural 'highs' and makes people feel better. With lockdowns and economic agony causing a massive leap in suicide rates, far more fit and essentially healthy people are now taking their own lives than could ever be killed by Covid-19, which overwhelming takes only the very old and frail - those already near the end of their natural lives.

To stop people worshipping and singing is thus as counter-productive in practical terms as it is wicked in spiritual ones. Just, in other words, what we have come to expect from the European Commission!