EU Results – No Political Road To Salvation

EU Results – No Political Road To Salvation

A huge win for Nigel Farage in Britain. Further advances for Le Pen, Salvini and Orban in France, Italy and Hungary. But also a big growth in support for various liberal parties and the ‘Watermelon’ Greens (green on the outside, red inside). Meanwhile the real far-right went up in a few places (notably Slovakia) and down in others (particularly Greece. In other words, for all the huffing and puffing, the latest European elections confirmed yet again the impossibility of addressing the real crisis of the West though the ballot box.


Farage’s candidates include the most extreme of ‘virtue signalling’ yet, with one of the Brexit Party’s new MEPs being an openly homosexual black man. Tommy Robinson left the count in Manchester after just an hour when it became clear that his anti-Islamist message had pulled in just 2% of the vote. UKIP, standing on a slightly more right-wing ticket that Farage, were obliterated.

The old parties who refused to carry out the British people’s Brexit instruction paid a heavy price for their arrogance.

But while Brits will have enjoyed giving their political class a well-deserved kicking, it’s time to get real! Inexorable demographic trends make it unavoidable that the indigenous, white, Christian peoplles of the whole of north west Europe will be minorities in their own homelands in about 25 years. Meanwhile, the LGBTQ+ lobby are in the final stages of imposing radical, cultural Marxist anti-family and anti-Christian brainwashing in every school in the entire West. Dissent against these trends is being gagged and criminalised

And the response of the public is that more than half stay at home. And about a third of those who do vote back soft populists whose actual views and politics would have seen them classified as ultra-liberals just a few decades ago before the political world went mad.

Further, they are balanced by another third who run bleating about fictional ‘man-made climate disruption’ (notice how the name is being change yet again to try to hide the fact that the climate is stubbornly refusing to do what the ‘global warming’ computer models claimed it would) to vote for Liberals and Greens who are off the scale in terms of their anti-human and anti-traditional lunacies. The new parliament will still be dominated by the liberal-left.

From a British point of view, the crash-and-burn disaster that has struck the treacherous Tory party is a satisfying sub-story, as is the popular rejection of Jeremy Corbyn’s two-faced Labour party. But these things, like the entire Brexit question, are simply side shows compared to the real issue: We are in the last 25 years of Western Christian civilisation, and no-one and nothing with a shred of influence or potential in the world of politics either gives a damn or has any answers.

The Catastrophe will come. It is already too late to avoid. Any attempt to avert or mitigate it through politics will fail. And all such efforts only waste time, energy and money which would be a hundred times better spent building the organisational, moral and spiritual lifeboats which will enable a small hardcore of far-sighted individuals and families to survive what is coming and keep the old traditions and faith alive.

In the end, the Decline of the West is rooted not in politics but in a Satanic crisis of the spirit. Hence it is unavoidable that the only effective response must be based on Christian spirituality that informs and directs a series of deeply practical measures to save the few who – like 21st Century Noahs and Lots, hear the warnings of what is to come, turn their backs on doomed liberal society, and get themselves and their loved ones to places of relative safety.

There is no other way; Deus Vult!