UK Christians suffering discrimination in every part of society

UK Christians suffering discrimination in every part of society

Christians across the UK are suffering harassment and discrimination in every part of society, according to a new report from Voice For Justice UK.

The Costs of Keeping the Faith study found that people with conservative Christian views have felt marginalised for their beliefs. Discrimination is most prevalent amongst younger generations.

The study involved multiple-choice assessments of how participants had been treated in their workplaces and day-to-day lives, as well as open-ended questions concerning how comfortable they felt sharing their faith.

38% of under 35s surveyed said they felt their freedom of speech was restricted, with 56%-61% of saying they have experienced hostility or ridicule if they discussed their beliefs.

The report also looked at Christians working in the NHS, finding there to be inadequate guidance around prayer, as well as pressure to carry out procedures which might contradict Christian beliefs. One participant recounted: “‘When I trained to be a nurse, I was able to sign a form to say I would not take part in abortion.

"This is no longer an option for student nurses, and as such, this profession would now have been shut to me. I feel this is highly discriminatory against my Christian faith.”