Excess Deaths Jab Disaster EXPOSED

Excess Deaths Jab Disaster EXPOSED

A conspiracy of silence by the controlled mainstream media is trying to bury what may well be the most important speech made in Westminster so far this century. The speech was made yesterday, by expelled Tory rebel MP Andrew Bridgen - and we need YOU to help tear down the iron curtain of media silence and censorship.

Mr. Bridgen was speaking in a Departmental Debate on Excess Deaths Trend. Shockingly, despite the huge and continued surge in excess deaths from heart problems among previously healthy younger people, this speech was not allowed to be delivered to the multi-million pound Parliamentary Covid Inquiry. Instead, after public pressure forced the debate to happen, it was shuffled off into the Department of Trade. It wasn't even allowed to take place in the House of Commons, but was shuffled off into the ancillary complex across the road.

Despite this, as the powerful video - briefly introduced by campaigning Dr. John Campbell - shows, Mr. Bridgen delivered a stunning condemnation of the political elite's grotesque, ruinously expensive and deadly mishandling of the Covid 'pandemic'. We need as many people as possible to SHARE this remarkable and courageous speech. Here's just a taste from the official Hansard transcript, whereby Mr. Bridgen has carved the terrible truth into the Parliamentary record for future generations:

"We inflicted social distancing, masking and school closures on healthy children who were at no risk from the virus. We did that to protect adults, at the expense of our children’s social and mental health. People raised the alarm, but nobody listened. A society that consciously and knowingly sacrifices perfectly healthy children for adults is sick. This time will not be looked on well by future generations. That will be our legacy, and I call on this House and those in authority to right that grievous wrong quickly. With unbearable cruelty, we isolated even those who would gladly have made the individual choice to see their grandchildren.

Worst of all, we bypassed the procedures, protocols and science to inflict on a healthy population a brand new and untested product that had never before been used outside clinical trials, never mind approved. There was no long-term safety data. The safety analysis in the trials was eight weeks, and then the control group was vaccinated. There was no age stratification for recipients of an experimental medication for an illness with an average mortality age of 82. There was no liability under any circumstances for the manufacturers of those experimental treatments. Furthermore, there were good reasons, based on the science known at the time, for thinking that those products might be harmful. Rather than ridicule us, future generations may come to loathe us. We will forever be the poster boys and girls of a society that collectively lost its mind and its moral compass. They will hang that millstone around our necks for eternity."

Speaking for just over half-an-hour, Andrew Bridgen exposed the shattering post-Covid excess deaths scandal. One by one, he demolished the excuses and lies which are being used to try to cover up what he rightly calls the biggest medical scandal of all time. He slammed the rigged inquiry:

"I fear that political pressure has been placed on the inquiry. Clearly, a lot of political capital in the run-up to the next election has been placed on the fact that the Government, with support from the Opposition parties, did the right thing in our pandemic response, including the roll-out of the vaccines. The very fact that they have done that indicates that there is something to hide, and it should make the public extremely suspicious. I will come on to that shortly.

For two years we have turned society upside down so as not to 'kill granny'. Now that mum and dad are dying, it appears that no one cares. This is “Alice in Wonderland” thinking. People in their 50s and 60s.

The public inquiry should urgently be looking at this issue. Instead, it is wasting taxpayers’ money on obsessing over WhatsApp messages while people are dying. As if that is not bad enough, we learned this week that the vaccine module has been postponed indefinitely, for no good reason. It is as if the inquiry is so desperate not to find fault that it cannot even look at what has happened with the vaccines. We need transparency."

Closing his tour de force, Bridgen revealed that a senior Tory official had admitted that what he has been saying about the jabs is probably true, but tried to intimidate him into silence:

"Before I was expelled from the Conservative party for voicing my concerns over the experimental vaccines and the harms I believe they caused, I met a senior member of the party who, after listening to my concerns about the vaccines and NG163—the midazolam and morphine scandal—told me quite calmly, “Andrew, there is currently no political appetite for your views on the vaccines. There may well be in 20 years’ time and you will probably be proven right, but in the meantime, you need to bear in mind that you are taking on the most powerful vested interest in the world, with all the personal risk for you that that will entail.”

I refused to bow to that threat and as they say, the rest is history. People have alleged that I am spouting conspiracy theories. I think it is a conspiracy; a conspiracy against the science, a conspiracy of silence and a conspiracy against the people—and I will have none of it."

Andrew Bridgen has done his bit, now you need to do yours: Share this article and video as widely as you possibly can. Thank you for caring about the truth!