Exclusive Nick Griffin Interview

Exclusive Nick Griffin Interview

Popular Templar Report special guest Nick Griffin has just given a major and wide-ranging interview to French Christian nationalist magazine Jeune Nation (Young Nation). We are pleased to be able to bring you this exclusive English version. We are sure that new and established readers alike will find much of interest in this in-depth look into the thoughts and actions of the most controversial and traditionalist figure in modern British politics.

Whatever you've heard about him, have a read and make up your own mind!

How conservative is Boris Johnson?

Johnson not conservative in anything other than name. In fact, he’s so far from being a conservative that he should be prosecuted for false advertising!

He and his regime are liberal to the core.  We see this, for example, in their relentless promotion of the LGBTQ+ agenda, both in British schools and as a cornerstone of UK foreign policy. This is part of a broader hostility to the family and Christian values which is also fundamentally anti-conservative.

In Northern Ireland, the Johnson regime allied itself with the Marxists of Sinn Fein/IRA to impose abortion against the wishes of the majority, made up of a large part of the Protestant community together with the still sizable traditionalist minority among Catholics.

Post Brexit, Johnson is pushing hard to replace white, Christian East European migrants with several million Hong Kong Chinese and a new torrent of ‘skilled workers’ from India.

He is also a shameless opportunist, with the one constant in his career being his faithful obedience to the neo-con/Zionist elite.

It is wise to remember that he is very much aware, and proud, of his non-British, non-Christian ancestry. He uses the rhetoric of civic nationalism at election times, but at a very deep level he is not ‘one of us’.


More than 50% of Londoners are no longer whites (probably the same rate in Paris but we are not fortunate enough to have the statistics).

What is the level of consciousness of Brits of the "great replacement"?

I think it’s very high, but not in a good way. Probably a majority of people understand  it – at a very simplistic level, completely unware of why it has happened and of the role of several specific groups – and have resigned themselves to the fact that “it’s too late to change it, in the long-term the country’s finished”.

This was the biggest single reason for the long trend, pre-Brexit, for so many Brits to retire abroad as early as they could.


Is the British government in the hands of oligarchs? Zionists? Or a combination of both?

Oligarchs, Zionists, CIA puppets, unrepentant Brussels collaborators, the LGBTQ+ lobby, Cultural Marxists, bought-and-paid-for scientists running the United Nations/WHO climate change and covid Great Reset agenda, and opportunist careerists  – we’ve got them all. The only people who definitely don’t have a place at the government trough is us normal Brits!


Has the Brexit changed anything in this regard?

Not really. It has diminished the power of Brussels, but the vacuum has been filled by US deep state and corporate influence.


What are the difficulties that nationalists have to face in GB?

Police repression. Hate speech laws. Violence and intimidation from the far-left. Victimisation through the legal system, in employment and by local authorities.

But far worse than these obvious injustices are longer term social issues, particularly the cowardice and materialist obsessions of the upper and middle classes, which denies the movement an educated and experienced leadership cadre.

On top of that there is a chronic lack of ideological or spiritual grounding and of any sense of discrimination, which allow simplistically anti-Muslim, Zionist front groups and reactionary conservative groups to suck up large amounts of manpower and resources into dead end and false flag groups or safety valves. The whole Tommy Robinson saga is a perfect example.

That said, even the ethno-nationalists are retarded in their continuing addiction to the idea of a great electoral awakening some time in the always receding future. Then there’s the ready use and acceptance of crude and juvenile racism, and of crackpot Hollywood Nazism, which repel normal people and attract natural-born losers. Among the slightly less radical, meanwhile, there is a common acceptance of homosexuality, abortion and other evils. Those who think in such ways are automatically part of the problem, rather than the solution.

In large part, all these weaknesses stem from the lack of a coherent, nationalist and Christian patriotic tradition, which is a grave handicap for the Cause in Britain.


Have they been overshadowed by the UK Independence Party?

The Establishment media’s relentless promotion of UKIP was the biggest single factor in the ultimate failure of the BNP, but UKIP has now effectively vanished.

The biggest issue now is that nationalists have failed so far to work out an effective strategy for useful actions, relevance and growth in the new era when Brexit – for all its incompleteness and failings – is done and it is too late to reverse the flood tide of immigration.


Are the churches an obstacle to the New World Order?

Absolutely not. They are now very much part of the problem. There are a few Tridentine mass Catholics, and a handful of mainly ageing Anglican traditionalists, plus proper Calvinists still holding the line on issues such as abortion in Northern Ireland. There is also a small but rapidly growing Orthodox following which is the healthiest of them all, but unfortunately they are irrelevant in all material terms at present.

Same question for the monarchy and the aristocracy. I'm thinking to Oswald Mosley but also to land owners who can maintain a form of tradition without engaging in any sort of politics.

Again, sadly not. The House of Windsor hasn’t produced anyone truly on our side since Edward VIII was forced to abdicate. Prince Charles is a key part of the global elite’s climate change Great Reset operation, and his sons, in different ways, are on the same despicable path.

As for the aristocracy, they were always largely separate from us, they stole first the monastic and then the common lands, and the very significant influx of alien blood into those families over the last 150 years has only increased their distance from, and any residual identification with, the Nation as a whole. Their gods are money and snobbish status. Mosley was an exception even in his time, the best of them today look after their inherited lands better than corporate agri-business, but that’s the most positive thing one can say about them.


Which strategy do you advocate to make our ideas come to power?

No-one and nothing is ‘coming to power’ until the liberal Titanic has sunk – which is going to be a very painful and destructive process.

It will, however, happen. The new global elite’s version of Communism is not primarily about changing the ownership of the means of production so much as dismantling them. If you read the works of key operators such as Klaus Schwab, they quite openly talk of ‘de-developing’ our society and deliberately dismantling material affluence. Put together with the coming demographic crash of the European-originated populations of most of the modern world, and the unsustainability of debt-based fiat currencies, this means that such a sinking is now inevitable and unavoidable.

Our job is not to try to stop it, but to ensure that a core of our genetic and cultural identities survive it. Nationalists need to stop building fantasy programmes and castles in the sky about how to run the country, and concentrate on having children, rearing them right and building communities which are as withdrawn from the System – psychologically and economically, as much as geographically – as possible.

Individually and collectively, we must set about withdrawing our skills, labour, taxes, minds, souls and children from the System. We do not have to beat the liberals, we just have to survive the fall of capitalism and the consumer comforts which made liberalism credible. It doesn’t even matter that we are going to be minorities in our own homelands, because the minute liberalism has gone, there is nothing our people cannot sort out.

I have just finished writing and editing a whole book about all this. One chapter is about the very special relevance for our times of the ideas of civil disobedience formulated by Étienne de La Boétie.   

The new book is called Deus Vult – The Great Reset Resistance and is a sequel to Deus Vult – Reconquista of the West. Both are available in English from https://www.knightstemplarorder.com/  I think that the Great Reset Resistance in particular really should be translated into French, if anyone with an independent and traditionalist publishing house reads this!


Do you believe that there is still a British pedophile ring in the political elite like in France (Cohn-Bendit, Jack Lang, Matzneff...) or the USA (Podesta, Epstein etc.). Or have things changed after the Jimmy Savile scandal?

I’m sure it’s still there. The media managed to convince most people that Savile was just a lone pervert. I’m sure there are many more, not least because it all goes beyond mere perverted sex and into the realms of power, elite control and occult ritual.


Do you believe that the British management of the Corona crisis is too much in the interests of the laboratories and the New World Order?

Apart from the fear that politicians have of the media, and the chronic risk-averse tendencies of a thoroughly feminised society, I think the UK’s ‘management’ of the United Nations’ fly-rebrand and fake pandemic is exclusively in the interests of Big Pharma and the World Economic Forum/Bilderberg/Gates ‘Great Reset’.


Many Nationalists have noticed the preponderance of Jews in the key posts of the Biden team. But few have talked about the black Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. He supervised the training of rebels in Syria for 500M$ and is a member of the military-industrial complex. Do you expect new wars in the Middle East ?

Not just the Middle East. Lloyd Austin also has very close ties with missile manufacturers Raytheon. I don’t actually think his skin colour is relevant at all, plenty of US politicians are WASPS and are every bit as much the whores of the military-industrial-pharma complex. There is of course a very big problem with the power of the Zionist lobby in Western capitals, but we should never overlook the malign influence of plain old-fashioned greed and corruption.

The whole lot are rotten, and right now are pushing us not only towards a new war for Israel against Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, but also towards even more dangerous conflicts on the borders of Russian and China.

The only positive thing I can say is that for the Biden regime and its puppets (I’m thinking particularly of the Westminster elite) to pick a fight with China (America’s equal in economic terms), Russia (America’s superior in military terms) and Iran (a serious regional power) simultaneously suggests that they are mad as well as bad. We may well be seeing the last gasp over-reach of a bankrupt and dying empire, so provided they don’t get us all fried, the long-term consequences may turn out to be very good.


To help our readers better know you, I would like to talk about an episode of the Syrian war in which you took some part. Please correct me if I made any mistake. In August 2013, the media took the pretext of a chemical attack in Damascus, to call for a western military intervention in Syria. The PM David Cameron decided to (or had to ?) ask the Parliament before launching the intervention. You were MEP at the time and arranged for a Syrian person to come in the British Parliament. That person explained the real situation and urged the British not to intervene. Finally the Parliament refused the intervention and so did Cameron. Barack Obama, who seemed to be reluctant, took this opportunity to move backwards. And so did F. Hollande ! Obama said recently that it was the decision which he was the most proud of, and declared that it was very hard to resist to the Pentagon and the pressure for a war.

That’s broadly right, although I didn’t arrange for a Syrian to come to Britain. Rather, I went to Damascus, and had an emergency meeting with the Speaker of the Syrian Parliament, the Foreign Minister and a man I believe was from their intelligence services. I then sat up all night working to write the letter which the Syrian Parliament wanted to send to all British MPs, urging them to vote against war.

The Syrians were aware that any letter they wrote would likely to be put in terms which, because of cultural differences, would not help their case at all. The Arab way of handling disagreements is very different to ours!

My letter, of course, was written in exactly the way that British politicians think, and appealed at all sorts of subtle levels to their egos, pride, prejudices and fears. I went to school with people like them, I went to Cambridge like many of them, I knew their colleagues in the European Parliament, so I was confident that it was the best shot the Syrians could fire in their effort to stop the bombing.

Cameron was so certain of winning the vote that the RAF jets were waiting in Cyprus waiting for the order to start the bombing, by which he intended to do to Assad and Syria what he had already done to Gaddafi and Libya.

But in the end seven Conservative MPs rebelled, and Cameron lost by 14 votes as a result. Both the BBC and Sky News showed the letter – written by me but on the ornate gold embossed headed paper of the Parliamentary Speaker (the BBC team in Damascus were handed an original copy). The clearly stunned TV commentators called it ‘remarkable’ and admitted that Syria had ‘won the propaganda war’. The Syrians were told by the BBC team in the country that the letter was the thing that had given those vital few Conservative MPs the moral and psychological ability to defy the government.

It is necessary to recall that the parliamentary vote for peace was primarily the work of then Labour-leader Ed Milliband who, despite being Jewish, ordered his MPs to vote against the neo-con/Zionist war plan. But the vote was carried because of the handful of Conservative MPs who were influenced – at least in part – by my three page letter.

I had not heard that Obama had said that. For me too, this affair is the thing of which I am most proud in my political career. It was not just a matter of saving countless Syrian lives, salvaging a little bit of Britain’s very tarnished honour, and saving British taxpayers billions of pounds. The fact that Cameron could not bomb meant that Obama could resist the pressure. And that gave Vladimir Putin the time and political space to send the Russian force that turned the tide of the war.

Up until that point, the Anglo-Zionist Empire had done little in international affairs without winning, but that moment seems at present to have marked the turning of the tide on their power. Since that time they have done little except lose. The military, economic and diplomatic power of the free nations of the world (by which I do not mean the USA and her puppet regimes!) has grown remarkably since then, while the Empire is showing ever-greater signs of decline and collapse.

In more than symbolic ways, this process began at that decisive moment, and I remain ever-grateful to the thousands of unremembered and unsung militants of the British National Party whose efforts put me in the position to play such a role at such a moment in History.


Mr Griffin wrote much, and edited all, of the new Templar book Deus Vult - The Great Reset Resistance. If you have found this interview thought-provoking, useful and intelligent, then you will love The Great Reset Resistance. Order your copy today from the link on our home page banner.


And here's a bonus video, a full programme of Mr Griffin's insights into the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the all too real threat of war: