Facebook Widens Purge In War On Grass Roots Activism

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The latest Facebook Purge has taken out more than 800 pages, many of them with several million followers each.

The assault on freedom is so extreme that – while the vast majority of the victims are conservative voices – even a number of leftists are complaining that sites THEY approve of, including a number highlighting alleged police violence, are going down the Memory Hole.

The only good thing about the latest Zuckerberg outrage is that it’s so close to the Mid-Terms that such blatant interference with the rights of Americans to partake in robust political debate is increasingly likely to push the White House to take swift and effective action to stop the censorship.

Provided such action also addresses the less obvious but even more serious Big tech offensive to deny conservatives the use of essential modern business tools such as Paypal, then the whole problem could very swiftly be dealt with for good.

The ball is in your court, Mr President!

The Knights Templar Order