Fake ‘Conservative’ Runs From Real Deal

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Fake ‘Conservative’ Runs From Real Deal

What sort of ‘conservative’ supports immigration, ‘gay’ rights and the right of giant corporations to undermine the institutions of property and free speech through monopolies and censorship?

A fake conservative! That’s who. Charlie Kirk, founder and leader of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is a classic example. But recently he’s been getting a deservedly hard time on campuses all over America.

When he first started taking his fake conservative message into American universities, Kirk faced noisy groups of left-wingers, who just chanted moronic slogans which he simply exploited to ‘prove’ that his message is a good one.

But a remarkable mobilisation by genuine young conservatives and traditionalists has changed all that. At campus after campus, Kirk has faced probing and intelligent questions about his support for thoroughly anti-traditionalist causes such as homosexuality. America Firsters have also hammered him for his slavish support for Israeli efforts to keep US forces in their endless conflict in the Middle East.

It’s got so bad for Kirk that several of his recent meetings have ended with him literally running away. It’s great to see real young conservatives standing up to such liberal fakes! 

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