Fake news! ‘Wired’ forced to correct lies about KTI

Another ‘mainstream’ media outlet has had to retract its fake news attack on the Knights Templar International.

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The latest culprit forced to back down by our lawyers is the hipster magazine Wired. It published an outrageous attack on the KTI and on patriotic alternative news operations on social media.

As a matter of fact, the large majority of what is published about us online is inaccurate, but most of the groundless allegations are made by tiny groups of far-left atheists who own nothing and cannot be sued.

Wired, by contrast, is owned by publishers Conde Nast. So when our lawyers contacted them about the pack of lies they had published, their Chief Operating Officer, Sabine Vandenbroucke, took one look at the facts and ordered that the article be corrected immediately.

A very wise and proper decision!

One of the lies was the allegation that a Bulgarian border guard militia supported by the KTI to help stop the infiltration of Europe by Islamist extremists is ‘anti-Muslim’. We pointed to this video of an interview with one of its members. As you will see, although dedicated to helping keep his country free from Wahhabi extremism, the man is himself a Muslim. Another lie bites the dust! 



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