Fast Food Crushes Testestorone In Fat Men

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Fast Food Crushes Testestorone In Fat Men

Overweight men who eat fast food experience an immediate drop in their testosterone levels, impacting their ability to conceive, a new study has found.

The research found that eating a high-fat fast food meal, produced a 25 per cent drop in testosterone in the blood of overweight men within just an hour of eating. 

The study, jointly conducted by Flinders University and UniSA, also found levels stayed reduced for up to four hours.

No link between fast food and testosterone levels was found in lean men. 

Researchers said the discovery should ring alarm bells for overweight men who are thinking of becoming dads, with existing research already linking obesity to reduced fertility. 

This proven link between junk food and lower testosterone also gives us a hint as to why so many people seem so unwilling to stand up against things they know or believe to be wrong.

The cucking of our society is no mystery. It’s in our food, in the water, even in the air we breathe. Hormones, chemicals, micro-plastics - we are all being poisoned!


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