FBI Acting As Democrats' Private Secret Police

FBI Acting As Democrats' Private Secret Police

All totalitarian regimes have their own private secret police to unleash against political opponents and dissidents. The Democrats are no exception, and the once fiercely independent FBI are now acting as their KGB.

The patriotic citizen journalists at Project Veritas have done great work exposing various liberal operations; their work catching Planned Parenthood executives raking in disgusting profits from selling the body parts of murdered babies was particularly galling to the left. So when the FBI raided Project Veritas on a pretext it was no surprise.

What did surprise some people, however, was seeing the FBI then leak internal and private Project Veritas information to the New York Times. The scandalous over-reach by the secret political police led to an emergency legal action by Project Veritas, which secured an order to stop the FBI extracting and passing on any more information from the seized mobile phone of Project Veritas journalist James O'Keefe.

The root of the problem isn't just the Democrats' lurch into full-on Communist repression of opponents. If they had tried such a stunt only a few years ago, senior officers at the FBI would have instantly seen the proposal as completely unacceptable in a free society with a Constitution predicated on individual liberty and limited government.

But we are now at the point when the last of the baby-boomer generation who understood such things are retiring. They are rapidly being completely replaced by the brainwashed and amoral products of the post-1968 'education' system. The old ideals of freedom and decency are completely alien to these new masters, they see nothing wrong at all in using the powers of the state to harass and persecute peaceful and decent citizens. Indeed, they do not see peaceful and decent citizens who happen to hold different values to their own - they see dissent as criminality, and dissenters as having no rights at all.

This problem of the callous insanity of the generation now taking charge of every single institution in the Western world was one of the subjects covered in last night's Templar Report. If you didn't catch it live, you can see it here: