FBI Plays Politics in Mar-a-Lago

FBI Plays Politics in Mar-a-Lago

"When teams of FBI agents knocked on the door of Mar-a-Lago on Monday, they were looking for classified documents that former President Donald Trump had allegedly taken with him when he left the White House". That's the explanation in the Miami Herald and the rest of the MSM.

But, of course, there's far more to it than that.

America's liberal elite (which includes not just the Democrats and the fake news media, but also almost the entire Republican establishment) is horrified by the fact that the January 6 witch-hunt has not dented Donald Trump's popularity among ordinary voters. And with the Biden administration mired in deep unpopularity, they are worried that Donald Trump could defy the demographic odds and manipulated electoral system and make a come-back.

So the FBI raid is primarily aimed at delivering a final knock-out blow against Trump and ensuring that Ron de Santis gets the Republican nomination. The Florida governor is good on some things, including his opposition to lockdowns and to abortion, but on the issues that the US power elite really cares about - principally unthinking and enthusiastic obedience to the Zionist lobby and overseas warmongering - de Santis is 100% reliable.

With de Santis running for the Republicans, the liberal elite could go into the election knowing that it just wouldn't matter who won, because both candidates would be in their pockets from the very start. Donald Trump made many mistakes and let a lot of people down, but he has always retained an independent streak. That makes him a dangerous man, and accounts for the latest effort of the highly politicised FBI to bring him down.