FBI uncovers "terror camp” in Alabama

FBI uncovers "terror camp” in Alabama

A raid on a compound in rural Alabama has led to fears that it was training children for Jihadi terror attacks in the USA. The compound is owned and run by the same Islamist hate-preacher who owns the New Mexico base raided earlier in a blaze of publicity about “home-grown terror”.


The owner is Siraj Wahhaj. He has been called an “unindicted co-conspirator” of the 1993 World Trade Centre bombings.

Wahhaj Jr. and his fellow terrorists have been charged with multiple counts relating to terrorism, firearms, and child abuse, all in New Mexico. What did they do exactly? According to the FBI, they were training nearly a dozen kids to assassinate government agents and shoot up schools.

Understandably, the small town of Tuskegee, Alabama is in shock.

After a judge signed an FBI search warrant, the Alabama property owned by Siraj Wahhaj was raided late last week.

The property, insulated by thick brush has nothing resembling livable quarters. It is likely where 11 young children may have been living prior to their transport to a similar New Mexico compound.

The New Mexican compound was raided by authorities earlier last year, leading to the arrest of the five adults, and the discovery of a deceased child. Local authorities came under fire after the compound was mysteriously bulldozed and buried – leading to questions as to why authorities were so eager to destroy evidence.

What is now unclear is whether we are looking at an official cover-up of the extent of radical Islamist terror training deep in the USA, or if the FBI and some sections of the media are in fact exaggerating what was going on for their own ends. Time will tell; meanwhile, what do YOU think?