Feminine Girls vs Brainwashed Feminists

Feminine Girls vs Brainwashed Feminists

It’s a vision from Sodom and Gomorrah! If ever you’ve had the misfortune to be out on the streets of a British town or city on a Friday or Saturday night you’ll have seen the shocking result of the TV-led indoctrination of young females with feminist/consumerist poison that tells them they should behave as badly as young men.


But don’t despair, it’s not the natural condition of young women, and this Sodom and Gomorrah level of decadence will soon pass (albeit not without great pain and Divine wrath).

The first video gives a reminder of how young women are when they have grown up in a fundamentally healthy society. The second shows what happens when young people are dragged up in a decadent, liberal consumerist wreck.

Some contrast, eh?! And just in case you think that the first clip was something special that only happens four the tourists in Moscow, and because we’d rather leave you with something uplifting, here’s another group of lovely Russian girls singing another of their great wealth of folk songs.