Financial Sharks Rip Off British Steel

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Financial Sharks Rip Off British Steel

Whether it’s Britain, America or any other country, no serious nation can even begin to be truly independent unless it has a healthy and productive steel industry. When it comes to national sovereignty, steel production is as important as political independence or strong armed forces. So the collapse of British Steel is a hammer blow to real British freedom to match the political impact of being denied Brexit by the ruling globalist elte.


The culprit is Greybull Capital, the rapacious private equity firm that was allowed to snap up the steel company in 2016 for just £1. Greybull Capital oversaw the collapse of Monarch, Comet and now British Steel. (Pictured) Marc Meyohas (right), one of the men who controls the private equity firm, shaking hands with Tata Steel UK chief executive Bimlendra Jha.


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