Five Key Aims of the Order

Five Key Aims of the Order

We aim to build a fraternity of like-minded Christians around a common enthusiasm for the inspirational heritage of the original Knights Templar.

We seek to develop mutual comradeship and support and to turn our international fellowship into a living shield and sword for the defence of Christian communities and the upholding of Christian principles.

In particular we strive to:

  • Celebrate and publicise the great Templar heritage that lives on to this very day in architecture, ideas and example;
  • Restore the principles set out by our Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible, and developed in traditional Christian social doctrine, as a guide for the right organisation of a just and happy society, in which the Rights of God balance and ultimately buttress the Rights of Man;
  • Encourage our brethren, both individually and collectively, to regular and meaningful acts of Christian charity and to constructive involvement in the affairs of the world from a militant traditionalist perspective to provide effective resistance to the various symptoms of liberalism;
  • Raise awareness of the plight of, and provide practical assistance to, Christian communities facing persecution by the intolerance of Islamists, atheists and other bigots;
  • Educate the public and lawmakers in the nature and origins of the modern Islamist scourge of Wahhabism, the better to arm our society to resist and defeat it.