Fleeing The New Liberal Sodom!

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Fleeing The New Liberal Sodom!

When we say that the liberal West is sick beyond redemption, we are NOT exaggerating! If you doubt it, just take a look at this truly appalling video. And understand that those to blame are not just the mental child molesters who approve of such things, but also everyone – including grumbling parents – who tolerate them.


This is why Christian and patriot families have to find ways to DISENGAGE COMPLETELY from liberal society. Homeschooling is a start, as is shutting broadcast television out of your home.

But is THAT enough? If not, then physically disengagement is needed as well. Where? Amish-style communities in the heart of Middle America? Hungary? Poland? There are plenty of choices, but time is running out.

Not only because liberalism is getting more toxic by the day, but also because the Good Lord will surely punish this sinful decadence. Don’t get caught in that Heavenly crossfire! Don’t look back as Lot’s wife did. Get out! And get your loved ones out too!

While we have your attention, we would like to remind you of our Emergency Ukraine Appeal

While BILLIONS of Dollars pours into western Ukraine, the beleaguered people in the east have been forgotten and abandoned to starve or freeze to death. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! In conjunction with our brethren on the ground in the area I am asking you to dig deep and send your immediate financial support (as best you can) to our EMERGENCY UKRAINE WAR APPEAL!