Flicking Matches Into WW3 Powderkeg

Flicking Matches Into WW3 Powderkeg

The same Western elite that is busy trying to turn us all into impoverished and chipped slaves on their global plantation are also busy flicking burning matches into the WW3 powder keg. Ukrainian forces are responsible for the daily shelling of civilian targets in the Russian-speaking independent republics which broke away from Ukraine after a CIA-backed coup. US weapons shipments continue to pour in to arm the Ukrainian forces poised to invade the Russian-speaking areas - the reason for the defensive massing of Russian armour on the eastern side of the border.

And now, to add to the deadly dangerous tension, Washington-directed forces have been spotted delivering illegal chemical weapons to the contested zone.

According to deputy chief of the People’s Militia Directorate Eduard Basurin, a 300-kilogram container of a chemical warfare agent was brought to Mariupol and then moved to the Kharkov region.
The Donetsk People’s Republic has evidence that a batch of botulinum toxin (a highly toxic substance causing paralysis) and its antidote has been delivered to Ukraine from the United States, the deputy chief of the People’s Militia Directorate, Eduard Basurin, said on the Rossiya-1 television channel in an interview on Wednesday.

"It is common knowledge that the United States has brought different types of weapons to Ukraine," he said adding that a batch of an antidote for botulinum toxin was delivered in October. Basurin recalled that botulinum toxin was a chemical warfare agent.

"The chemical substance proper was supplied in November," he added. "A 300-kilogram container of this warfare agent, used as a spray, was brought to Mariupol. The poisonous substance was then moved to the Kharkov region."

On December 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that the presence of more than 120 members of private US military companies had been identified in the villages of Avdeyevka and Priazovskoye. He stressed that containers with unknown chemical compounds had been delivered to the village of Avdeyevka and Krasny Liman for staging provocations. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolayenko has denied the presence of private military instructors from the US or toxic chemicals in the Kiev-controlled part of Donbass.

Anyone who thinks this unlikely needs to remember the long history of US governments using false flag attacks to whip up public enthusiasm for wars. They did it to lure Americans into war with Spain and then Germany. They allowed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to wipe out the fleet there, turning a deliberate blind eye to advance warnings in order to shock Americans out of their isolationist desire to put America first by staying out of other people's quarrels. They did it in the Gulf of Tonkin. And more recently they used lies about non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and then poison gas attacks launched by their pet jihadi 'rebels' to try to justify and provoke an all-out attack on the Syrian government.

Why would anyone be surprised that the Beltway warmongers are playing the same games in Ukraine right now? In all probability, they don't actually want to provoke a war between Nato and Russia - not least because Russia would wipe the floor with the West's gender-obsessed joke armies in a conventional conflict, while a nuclear one would kill us all. But they do clearly want to provoke Putin into invading Ukraine. Such an action would complete the Washington/Wall Street effort to drive such a wedge between the West and Russia that Germany would be forced to stop buying gas from Russia. This would force Germany, and indeed the whole of Western Europe, to buy American Liquified Natural Gas instead - at massively inflated prices.

The real problem, however, isn't the risk to energy prices. It's the fact that the eastward expansion of Nato, and Nato's long-term plan for the first strike use of nuclear weapons, are such a threat to Russia that the smallest incident or even accident could become the accidental trigger for World War Three. Students of history see the closest parallel with these dangerous times not in the summer of 1939, but with July 1914. Pray to God for peace, because the madmen in charge of the West right now seem hell-bent on war!