Flu 'wiped out' by Covid

Flu 'wiped out' by Covid

If you ever wondered just how stupid the global elite and their media whores think you are - here's the answer! They are now telling us that 'fewer people are being struck down by the flu than at any time in the past 130 years.'

An article in today's Daily Mail sums up the approach of the mainstream fake news media: 'Experts say that the bug appears to have been 'almost wiped out' after the number of sufferers plummeted by 95 per cent.

'The second week of January, normally the worst time for the seasonal virus, saw the number of flu-like symptoms reported to GPs at 1.1 per 100,000 people – compared with a five-year average of 27.

John McCauley, director of the World Health Organisation's collaborating centre for reference and research, told journalists: 'The last time we had evidence of such low rates was when we were still just counting influenza deaths, and that was in 1888, before the 1889- 90 flu pandemic.'
Professor Martin Marshall, chairman of the Royal College of GPs, has told The Sunday Times that the health measures taken to combat Covid-19 were likely to be the main reason for the dramatic fall in cases. He failed, of course, to explain why such measures would work so spectacularly well against one respiratory virus - the flu - but fail against another - Coronavirus (which is so similar that the main 'covid' test cannot actually tell them apart).
The 'elite' who, are blatantly using Covid-19 as the excuse and opportunity to push through a total 'reset' of the world's economy and to grab dictatorial powers over every facet of our lives, clearly think that all of us in the human herd are too daft to put two and two together. It really is "just the flu"!