Video: Exploring Foinikas Village, Cyprus

Video: Exploring Foinikas Village, Cyprus

The abandoned village of Foinikas (Phoenix), Paphos is located along the Asprokremmos dam 3 km away from Anarita.

Richard I the Lionheart who captured Cyprus in 1191 AD after defeating the Byzantines sold the island to the Knights Templar.

The Knights, who had their headquarters in Nicosia in order to control the plains of Mesaoria, used the village as a base for their operations in Paphos and Limassol.

Nearly half of Foinika’s ruins are under water following the construction of Asprokremmos dam.

Today, the deserted ‘administrative capital’ of Foinikas exudes an eerie, yet mysterious charm – an enduring location that is steeped in history. The shape of the fortification, including the outer walls and stone stairways are partially intact. Centuries-old windows and doors, crumbling ceilings slowly giving into dilapidation in the hot sun, and falling masonry provide a subtle hint of the stone structures, once occupied by the guardians of the Holy Grail.

Over the years, wild vegetation has reclaimed the buildings of Foinikas, engulfing its narrow and historic, cobblestone streets, making it impossible to unravel all the secrets of this enchanted wonder.

The decay and desolation has fascinated photographers, locals, history buffs, adventure seekers, nature lovers and tourists to visit Foinikas and capture its haunting beauty. The contrast between the deserted village and lush terrain is especially poignant in springtime, when wildflowers, bursting with colour, sprout up through the greenery and around the crumbling stones and almond trees are in full bloom, making Foinikas a novel attraction for all.