Food Shortages Getting Worse

Food Shortages Getting Worse

Supermarkets 'rationing' egg sales to customers is just an early warning signal for a much bigger fresh food shortage crisis in Britain over the next few months. The egg shortage is caused by a mixture of avian flu bird culls and the fact that supermarkets won't pay egg producers enough to cover the soaring costs of feed and power.

And Britons could soon face shortages of tomatoes, cucumbers and pears as farmers warn that the UK is 'sleepwalking' into a food supply crisis amid soaring fuel, fertiliser and feed costs.

Ahead of an emergency press conference today, the National Farmers Union (NFU) said the Government needed to step in to assist primary producers under severe strain from rising costs, with fertiliser prices tripling since 2019 and the cost of feed and diesel up by 75 per cent.

The conflict in Ukraine and the coronavirus lockdowns are blamed for driving up the price of food, energy and fuel this year. That's only half the story though, since the political elite's imposition of a massive 'carbon tax' burden and run-down of UK energy production is also kicking in with a vengeance now and helping to drive all these costs through the roof.

The NFU is warning that yields of energy-intensive crops like tomatoes, cucumbers and pears are likely to hit their lowest level this year since records began in 1985, while milk supplies will be hit as the big retailers drive prices below the cost of production and beef farmers consider reducing the number of cows they breed.


The problems in Britain are only a reflection of a far wider food supply crisis. World Food Program chief David Beasley raised the alarm on Capitol Hill earlier this year when he warned about the possibility of global food shortages next year due to the war in Ukraine and sanctions.

“And that is going to be a crisis beyond anything we’ve seen in our lifetime,” he warned.

Beasley noted that in 2008 when global inflation and food prices last saw a severe spike, civil unrest, protests and riots followed in nearly 50 nations.

“The situation today is much, much worse, and we are already beginning to see destabilization take place in many countries — Sri Lanka, we saw what happened in Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso,” Beasley said. “We are seeing protests and riots in Kenya, Pakistan, Peru, Indonesia. And I could go on and on.”

Many African counties have been hit be drought, which has also damaged food production in the USA. But in Sri Lanka, a catastrophic food shortage was created by the government's own 'green agenda', which banned the use of fertiliser. The same madness is now being imposed in the EU, which is trying to slash the use of nitrogen fertiliser by at least three quarters by 2030. Farmers in Holland and parts of Germany ar already in near revolt in protest against the insanely destructive policy.

"The peasants are running out of food". "Let them eat bugs".