Fool Me Once.... WMD Liar At It Again

Fool Me Once.... WMD Liar At It Again

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!" Half-senile American Presidents may be unable to remember the simple proverb, but the rest of us all understand it well.

So when we see the exact same people who lied us into the disastrous Iraq War with completely fictitious 'dossiers' about non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, trying to push us into a truly insane war on China with a new set of lies - we should be very, very careful!

The current rash of stories suggesting that the absurdly over-hyped Covid-19 flu virus was deliberately manufactured by the Chinese all spring from the work of two notorious fake news journalists. 

One is Josh Rogin. This long-term neo-con warmonger is s the original source for the latest version of the “Wuhan Lab theory.” His  Washington Post column was the first to promote the hoax on April 14, 2020. Rogin has spent years trying to push Americans to fund and fight wars for Israel, so his new effort is only par for the course.

The other is Michael R. Gordon, who has been widely quoted throughout the controlled media after writing that ‘previously undisclosed US intelligence report,’ hinted [at] a far-fetched connection between ‘three sick staff’ at the Wuhan lab and the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Gordon's WSJ piece, published on May 23, was picked up by other mainstream media, which recently began shifting their coverage on Covid-19’s origins from outright dismissing theories that the virus was man-made to accusing the Chinese of creating Covid-19.

Gordon was the reporter whose unsubstantiated sources about Iraq’s alleged (and non-existent) attempt to acquire nuclear weapons, and equally non-existent poison gas missiles, led directly to the Iraq War. He co-wrote the New York Times pieces which led to the death or maiming of thousands of US and UK soldiers, and the subsequent rise of ISIS, with Judith Miller, another fanatical Zionist.

Many 'right-wingers' are eagerly falling for this nonsense, because it suggests that Donald Trump was right in calling Covid 'the China virus', and that the liberals who called it this a 'crazy conspiracy theory' have now been proven wrong. As a matter of simple fact, of course, this is right. The virus DID come from China, and the liberals who denied this have indeed been shown to be wrong.

But liberals are generally wrong about pretty much everything! And the fact that the virus came from China does not make the Chinese government responsible for the disaster which has changed our world. Because it is liberal LOCKDOWN mania that has done the damage. The idea that a flu virus whose average victim is aged 82 is some sort of evil plot by the wicked Chinese Communists is absolutely absurd.

At the very worse, the Wuhan lab (which, it must be remembered, was partly funded by, and closely connected with, with CIA-linked research programme in the USA) was studying viruses in bats and other hosts, just as similar labs all over the world do. They might even have been genetically manipulating the virus during their research. Again, this is perfectly standard practice in all such medical research labs. And it is also possible that Covid-19 escaped as a result of a mistake. That's the sort of thing that happens when human beings mess with nature, as medical and military labs do all over the developed world.

Alternatively, given that there is no actual evidence that Covid-19 came from the Wuhan lab, then even if it was 'man-made', that is no proof that the Chinese made it. It could just have easily have been released in China - with its low-lethality but high infectability making it an intended economic weapon.

That possibility, however, takes a bit of swallowing. Covid-19 is so mild that, were it not for all the doom-porn propaganda - we would scarcely know existed as a different virus from other respiratory diseases such as normal flu, some sort of WMD. Any 'mass destruction' attributed to Covid is in fact the consequence of old age, obesity and government policies in pursuit of the global elite's Satanic Great Reset obsession. 

You may not trust the Chinese. You may not like Communism. But don't let those positions allow you to be manipulated into falling for war hysteria put about by propagandists with 100% proven track records of lying us into war. Not least because their unjust war on Iraq was always going to be 'won', in military terms, by 'our boys'. A conflict with China would end very differently indeed. 

It's bad enough to pick an unjust fight you're going to win. But it's even worse, much worse, to pick an unjust fight you're going to lose.