Football Rainbows Break The Rules

Football Rainbows Break The Rules

The creeping capture of politically and culturally important institutions by cultural Marxist sexual revolutionaries continues! A shocking example is the antics of FIFA, the body governing international football.

Back in 2016, the bosses of FIFA showed their anti-tradition bias by fining England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for their use of the Remembrance poppy to commemorate Armistice day, deeming it to be a political symbol.

It took a year of campaigning and criticism to force FIFA grudgingly to relax their outrageous ban. The position now is that the poppy is permitted if opposing teams and the competition organiser for the relevant match both accept its use in advance.

But when it comes to promoting favourite liberal causes, FIFA takes a very different position. The national bodies of football in various countries, including the USA, England and Ireland, are now forcing players – including devout traditionalist Christians – to wear LGBTQ+ rainbows on their strip.

Ireland, and some professional teams have required players to wear an LGBT rainbow on their jerseys. England required players to wear LGBT rainbow laces on their cleats. Some teams have required captains to wear an LGBT rainbow captain’s armband. Some have placed the LGBT rainbow on corner flags.

FIFA, meanwhile, have refused to take any action against these flagrant breaches of its rules against the wearing of political or religious symbols.

The LGBT rainbow is a political symbol. The Laws of the Game from the International Football Association Board (IFAB) state, “Equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images” (Law 04.5). FIFA’s Equipment Regulations add that this includes a ban on any “political or comparable symbol” (Article 8.3).

FIFA needs to enforce its own rules! But there is no chance of that happening without massive and sustained grass-roots resistance. Without that, the anti-family, anti-Christian homosexualist rainbow symbol will be completely ‘normalised’ at football grounds, just as it already is as a flag on government institutions, from town halls to police stations and even military parades.

What better way to push young boys into accepting the advances of predatory homosexuals? Which is, of course, a large part of what the rainbow promotion is all about. Because they don’t really want your flagpoles or your team’s shirtsleeves. They want your boys…..