Four times older than the USA! Listen to the original Crusaders’ Song

Seigneurs, sachiez qui or ne s’en ira. Crusade chant by René Zosso with the Clemencic Consort. Original song by Thibaut de Champagne (1201-1253) count of Champagne, king of Navarre.

1239, the Pope Grégoire IX issues a call to arms in order to free the Holy Land from the Muslim invaders. Thibaut leads this crusade and write this song to convince people to follow him.

Lyrics translation :

Milords, those who will not travel
To this land where God lived and died
And will not take the holy cross
May not go to heaven

Who has no pity and remembrance,
Shall to the High Lord seek his vengeance,
To free his land and country

Bad people will stay behind,
They do not love God, honour his name and pray him
Everybody has in mind ” What will do my wife?”
Do not leave her with somebody whoever he is
It would be silly
There are no friends, whithout any doubts,
Except the one who was crucified,

And, courageous squires will go
They love God and honor him with this Hill,
They will slightly go to God
And people that deserve to be scorn will stay,
Blind are -do not doubt of this –
Those who do not help God, at least once during their life
And for such ridiculous things, lost such glory

Mary, crowned queen,
Pray for us, Mary,
Then, nothing can stop us

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