France: Protesters Turn On The Banksters

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France: Protesters Turn On The Banksters

Despite efforts by the controlled ‘fake news’ media to downplay them, the Yellow Vest protests continue to shake France. One figure speaks volumes: Two thirds of all the speed cameras in France have been destroyed by angry demonstrators!


And the demands of the protesters are becoming increasingly focused and radical. In this video – which also gives us a glimpse of his own journey to the full truth, Black Pigeon explains how the Yellow Vests are now making the connection between Macron, oppression and the Rothschild banking system “that creates money out of nothing” and ensnares us all in unrepayable debt.

Usury is the root of many of the evils of the modern world and, of course, it is deeply anti-Christian. So this popular revolt is reaching a new level of significance as the banker’s puppet Macron clings to power by his fingertips…

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