Freedom Convoy Address to the Nation

Freedom Convoy Address to the Nation

Remarkably, videos putting the case of the Freedom Convoy are still being hosted on censorship-obsessed YouTube. How much longer this will remain the case is, of course, very questionable, since the Convoy and its imitators abroad now pose a very serious and growing danger to the entire liberal elite global coup.

The determination and common sense of these brave and righteous men simply shines through. No wonder that so many millions of people have been given enormous fresh hope by their well-organised, effective and massively popular protest. Whever they have passed through on their way to Ottawa, the truckers have been greeted as the liberators they potentially are. Hope is in the air at last!

Having said that, we must issue a note of warning: The success and popularity so far of the Convoy quite closely mirrors the experience of the Fuel Protest blockades in the United Kingdom back in 2000. That protest came very close to bringing down the Tony Blair regime. As the crisis moved towards its climax, however, the government used a mixture of bribery of key leaders, together with a brilliant campaign of media lies and distortion - which convinced rank-and-file protesters that their colleagues at other refineries were calling off the blockade - to break the protest.

The government made all sorts of promises and, together with the bribery and lies, this persuaded the hauliers and farmers to lift their siege of oil refineries and fuel depots. The Blair regime used the time bought by these tricks to organise and plan ahead, implementing the lessons learned during the first protest. When the promises were broken and efforts were made to start the protests again, the government was ready for them; the protesters had lost the advantage and the government was never at risk again.

With the close intelligence and elite connections between Canada and the UK, the Freedom Convoy organisers should be aware that the Trudeau regime will be getting advice from the British deep state on how to recover from what is at present a very weak position. The protesters must expect a mixture of threats, bribery, repression and lies, with the effort to divide them and appeal to and to bribe the 'moderates' being at the dark heart of the campaign.

The only hope the protesters have of avoiding defeat is if they press ahead with, and step up, a campaign to break the Trudeau regime while it is still off balance, weak and panicky. Delay, prevarication and negotiations will be fatal to the protest. There should be no negotiation, and only one central aim - to force Trudeau from the office from which he has oppressed and brutalised Canadians for two years of liberal Covid tyranny.