French Fans Sing Anthem In Defiance Of Terrorists AND Macron!

French Fans Sing Anthem In Defiance Of Terrorists AND Macron!

Thousands of fans at a Strasbourg basketball stadium on lockdown during last night’s shooting sang the French national anthem together. The anthem is extremely fitting for the circumstances, as you’ll see from the translation below!


Spectators at the game between SIG Strasbourg and Olimpija Ljubljana were told to remain inside the Rhenus Sport arena when the Jihadi shooting broke out.

The nearby European parliament was also placed on lockdown.

Instead of panicking, fans joined together and calmly sang ‘La Marseillaise’ – the national anthem of France – in defiance of those who would terrorise them. The anti-Macron Yellow Vests have also made the song an integral part of their protests, so its use last night was directed against the elite who have let them down as well as against the terrorists themselves. Vive La France! 

Let us go, children of France,

the day of glory has come!

Against us, tyranny’s

blood-stained flag is raised(2x)

Do you hear in the countryside

The roars of ferocious soldiers?

They have come up to your arms

To kill your sons and wives

To arms [weapons] citizens

Form your battalions,

March, march!

So that the impure blood [of our enemies]

May water our fields!