Fuel Price Warning - Fill Up NOW!

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Fuel Price Warning - Fill Up NOW!

If you're reading this in Britain, Ireland or Europe - go and fill your tank up now! You have until early next week before prices surge even higher. The EU has already decided to embargo Russian oil, a move which will create another wave of pressure for higher prices, but the finishing touches will not be put to the plan until after the second round of the French Presidential election.

The Eurocrats are terrified that the expected rapid and drastic spike in fuel prices - and even supply outages - would boost support for Marine Le Pen over the warmonger Macron. So they are waiting until after 24th April before releasing their plans and negotiating the final details.


The European Union, which has taken five rounds of increasingly severe financial sanctions against Russia since the invasion began Feb. 24, is under tremendous pressure from Washington to cut its own throat by turning off Russian oil. Russia is the European Union’s largest oil supplier, providing the bloc with a quarter of its oil and petroleum product imports in 2020. Germany is particularly vulnerable, as more than a third of its oil is Russian.

A key challenge will be not only to find alternative suppliers to make up for that, but also to line up sufficient land transport for oil heading to its two refineries that are fed by pipelines from Russia, in particular a refinery in the eastern city of Schwedt, by the Polish border.

Although Britain gets only around 5% of its oil from Russia, a shortfall as small as that is enough to cause a sharp price increase, especially given the coming scramble by EU countries to replace a much bigger proportion of their supplies.

How much difference the new embargos will make to the longer-term global price of oil is still unclear. China, India and other major users are increasingly buying even more supplies of discounted Russian oil, so that will tend somewhat to counter the upward pressure worldwide. The USA is also insulated by having its own supplies. But Britain and Europe are going to be hit hard and fast by the new spike - exactly as Washington and the Great Reset crowd intend.

Russia is not really the primary target - you are! Take the only action you can to give yourself a bit of protection: Fill your tank and keep it full while stocks last!


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