Gab Boss Warns of Deep State Psyop

Gab Boss Warns of Deep State Psyop

The liberal Deep State is hell-bent on taking down all alternative platforms that allow people to dissent from the lamestream fake news media. The CEO of Gab - the free speech alternative to censorship-mad Twitter - has issued a dramatic warning about the Psyop campaign being waged against his platform, and what he says speaks truth to us all.

"Over the past several weeks I have been openly warning the Gab community to be on the lookout for fedposters and threats or encouragement of violence on Gab. This PSYOP campaign started back in early December with newly created accounts popping up out of nowhere and making threats of violence. We have zero tolerance for this behavior and it is absolutely not free speech.

This has always been our policy. We have thousands of volunteers, customers, and longtime community members who helped us stomp out this PSYOP campaign over the past several weeks and expose it. After this week, it's clear why this PSYOP was started: to take down alt-tech platforms and frame them for the January 6th protests that ended with the police killing an unarmed woman.

Almost instantly after police allowed protestors into the Capitol the New York Times started a baseless narrative that this protest was organized on alt-tech sites, and in particular on Gab, without offering any proof, screenshots, usernames, or evidence to back these baseless claims. I've recorded a video highlighting how this all played out. I hope you'll take some time to watch it to learn how the CIA Mockingbird Media complex operates. The way we fight back is with truth and by speaking truth to their power, which is quickly fading. 

God bless you and God bless America

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King"

We recommend watching his video, and joining Gab as well as Parler, the google alternative DuckDuckGo and VK (as well as our own PurgedTV). The next few weeks will see an increasingly intolerant and desperate effort by the liberal elite to crush all such alternatives, but whichever survive it and become the go-to platforms for Donald Trump and 75 million censored Americans are set to be the most powerful force for traditional counter-revolution on the planet. Deus Vult!