Gab CEO On Musk & Twitter VIDEO

Gab CEO On Musk & Twitter VIDEO

"Aside from the internal war and struggle that Elon is about to endure at Twitter he will also face a variety of external attacks from the media, the government, the ADL, and Big Tech giants like Apple and Google who control Twitter’s distribution destiny on the app stores."

Gab founder Andrew Torba has issued a detailed analysis of the prospects for Elon Musk's take-over of Twitter. His video version of this thought-provoking piece is well worth watching, though you may well have to cut and paste the link to do so. Here it is for you:

In a message to Gab's massive email list, Christian entrepreneur Torba set out the main challengers that Elon Musk will face as he battles with the liberal elite to turn Twitter into a bastion of freedom:

"Apple’s market cap is 2.7 trillion dollars. Don’t think for one second they won’t ban a $44 billion dollar app like Twitter from their app stores. Fortnite is owned by a $28 billion dollar video game giant and was the most popular video game in the world at the time, but that didn’t stop Apple from banning their app from the App Store without blinking. It won’t stop them from banning Twitter either.

"The media will give Elon the Trump treatment and call him a “racist bigot nazi white supremacist hater.” They will go after all of his other businesses. There will be leaks from Twitter employees to the press constantly. The ADL and SPLC will create bogus “studies” to show how “toxic” and “harmful” Twitter is and then feed that to the press.

"Today the Biden administration said they would support “reforming Section 230, enacting anti-trust reforms,” and “requiring more transparency” on social media to combat COVID-19 “misinformation.” So now Elon will have to deal with regulators, lawmakers, and the Executive branch.

"Then there is the fact that Twitter is totally and completely dependent on third-party infrastructure. They will be attacked at every level of the tech stack from DNS, to hosting providers, app stores, email services, and more. Some of the top investors in Silicon Valley are already predicting this, as if to say they already have these wheels in motion! Gab overcame and rebuilt from absolutely nothing through all of these hurdles. Will Twitter be able to do so at their scale and at what cost?

"When Twitter gets banned from half a dozen banks, Visa, app stores, hosting providers, email services, and more they can get on our level with free speech."

Naturally, we hope that Mr Musk is able to overcome all the obstacles that the liberals throw up in his way, but we will not be surprised if he fails. So we will continue to recommend that patriots and Christians join and help to build Gab, because Andrew Torba has built his platform on rock solid foundations, and the man is clearly in it for the long haul. Deus Vult!