Gab Uncovers Massive Bot Plot

Gab Uncovers Massive Bot Plot

Free speech social media app Gab struck a big blow for freedom yesterday when Gab engineers discovered a massive anti-Russian botnet on their platform.  The blatant attempt to use lies and propaganda to manipulate public opinion involved hundreds of newly created accounts all sharing the same dozen or so IP addresses. They were reposting, commenting, and liking anti-Russian fake news to the Gab Explore page. Gab's bot detection systems caught them quickly and they were promptly removed from the platform. 

This type of activity is eerily similar to CENTCOM's Operation Earnest Voice. There is no proof who was behind this activity, all we know is what their agenda was: promoting anti-Putin and anti-Russian propaganda. Gab CEO Andrew Torba gave his view of the matter: "Gab is not a platform for state-backed PSYOP campaigns. We're not going to allow this coordinated inauthentic activity to take place in our community, not from foreign state actors and not from our own government. 

"We also aren't going to ban a foreign news outlet or Russian citizens from Gab for no reason. RT News has been on Gab for over a year now and has never once even come close to violating our terms of service. Gab is now the one place on the internet where you can find RT News and you can do so by clicking here."

This botnet assault on Gab has a particularly sinister undertone to it, given the huge reach that Gab has in 'far-right' circles which have been deplatformed across mainstream liberal social media. This is the section of the political spectrum from which Nato intelligence services will be seeking to recruit and build the international neo-Nazi terrorist movement with which they hope to turn Ukraine into Russia's new Afghanistan or Vietnam. Obviously, before silly young teens can be turned into terrorists, they first have to be convinced of a certain set of ideas, and radicalised.

The CIA/MI6 plan to create a neo-Nazi terrorist army from the ranks of the 'far-right' is a carbon copy of what they did to create Al Qaeda and ISIS from the ranks of 'Islamism'. And, just like that appallingly cynical and short-sighted operation, it will inevitably lead to blowback. As President Assad of Syria warned the Western elite "terrorism is not a card you can play and then put back in your pocket." Or, to put it another way, you can let loose a scorpion, but you can't control it.