Gang Beat Street Preacher

Gang Beat Street Preacher

A gang of Islamist attacked a Christian street preacher in Norway, kicking him in the face and threatening to kill him if he did not convert to their Religion of Peace.

The four men approached Roar Fløttum last week when he was preaching on a street in Trondheim and asked him to come with them to pray over a friend who was injured. When they got him alone, they pushed him down a cellar staircase, beat him, robbed him, and threatened to kill him if he did not convert to Islam.

 “They demanded my bank card, codes, mobile and Apple ID,” Fløttum said. “They held me hostage there for an hour as they made withdrawals from the card. They made about ten thousand kroner.”

“While they kept me there, they threatened me and said they would kill me if I did not convert to Islam,” he said. “They wanted me to say a few words in Arabic. I was scared and actually thought they were going to kill me because they said they had a knife and didn’t want witnesses.”

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