Gay Pride Month...Almost Compulsory Now!

Gay Pride Month...Almost Compulsory Now!

As we approach the end of July, all across the world, homosexuals and their supporters are gathering to “celebrate” the end of Gay Pride Month.

Everywhere we look, from the airlines we use to the food we eat, we cannot escape the over-the-top “equal marriage” advertisements and the desecration of some of our most sacred sites. In America and Europe, rainbow-coloured lights have lit up some of our most historic monuments.

Corporations are parting with huge sums of cash to finance this ungodly movement.  Why are these corporations so interested in pushing destructive lifestyles on our children? The answer is very simple: They despise God and they hate God-fearing Christians like you and me.

From small town America to the shores of Ireland, there is no escape. Everyone is forced to pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag today and mouth meaningless platitudes about “equality” …but not us!

Mainstream conservatives, Alt-Right weirdos, and the counter-Jihad movement have all bent the knee to the LGBT fanatics. Unlike the fakes and posers, we have no say in the matter.


We follow and uphold the word of God. Under no circumstances will the Templars ever bow to the pressure (and the pressure is immense) from those who wish to sully the minds of our children, mock our faith and destroy our civilisation!

We are fighting to uphold traditional values, decency and the faith of our fathers, but we cannot do it alone. We need good men, strong in the faith, to stand with us in this fight against the forces of evil that threaten to destroy everything we cherish and hold dear.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing…Will you stand with us and help defend old school Christian values?