Gazan Christians Face Increased Persecution

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Gazan Christians Face Increased Persecution

It’s been a mixed bag for Christians in the Middle East this Holy Season.

 In Syria, Christian communities continue to recover in the areas liberated from Islamist terrorists by the Syrian Army and its Russian and Iranian allies. Conversely, Christians in the state of Israel have endured a new level of discrimination and repression.

On top of a longstanding Israeli law which states that forbids Christians from marrying Jews, the Israeli authorities recently decreed that Christians in the Gaza Strip were not allowed to visit holy cities, such as Bethlehem and Jerusalem, to celebrate Christmas this year.

Only 100 Gazan Christians were granted permits to travel abroad but none were allowed to go to Israel or the West Bank, both of which are home to many sites holy to Christians, a spokeswoman for Israel’s liaison to the Palestinians said.

Last year, 700 Gazan Christians were granted permits.

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