Gender Revolution Devouring its Children

Gender Revolution Devouring its Children

The saying that "revolutions devour their own children" is being proven yet again! But this time its not Communists shooting other Communists for not being the right sort of Communist. Now it's happening among the LGBTQ+ as the victors over normality and decency fall out over the spoils of sexual power.

French lesbians have denounced sexual assaults perpetrated by transgender men within the far-left activist scene, saying transgender Antifa activists have accused them of “transphobia”.

Lesbian feminist activists are complaining that transgender male-to-female activists have sexually assaulted them and accused them of “transphobia” for not being sexually attracted to them.

In a letter signed by eleven women and published by the magazine Marianne, they say that “men who have transitioned systematically try to take control of lesbian associations.”

“In the spaces they lead, we have to undergo workshops called ‘deconstruction of genital preferences’, brainwashing to overcome our aversion to coitus and fellatio,” the letter states.

The authors note that women have even been attacked by far-left activists “carrying queer and Antifa flags” at demonstrations and say more and more young people are becoming radicalised by gender ideology.

“Now we are meeting young people who believe in the existence of people with a functional uterus and testicles after reading militant brochures,” they say.

The signatories also claim that there is growing pressure on young lesbians in France to take testosterone hormone injections, and that psychologists encourage young people to transition after identifying them as “repressed”.

“In the eyes of this inverted pseudo-feminism, when a woman says no it’s not necessarily no, women oppress men by denouncing sexual violence, and children can consent to anything and everything,” the authors say.

Welcome to Paris, twinned with Sodom! And some people still wonder why the Russians are refusing to accept the demands of the Western elite that they should drop their ban on LGBTQ propaganda aimed at children......