German car park's LGBTQ 'diversity' spaces

German car park's LGBTQ 'diversity' spaces

A car park located in Hanau, Germany, has unveiled dedicated parking spaces reserved for LGBTQ and migrant drivers.

Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH (HPG) built three 'diversity' parking spaces in an underground car park in Hanau city centre, which will cater only to LGBTQ individuals and migrants.

Thomas Morlock, the chairman of the supervisory board of HPG and a city councillor, said at the inauguration of the parking spaces that the aim was to help people who feel 'a special need for protection'. 

Morlock went on to say that the spaces were built to set a 'conspicuously colourful symbol' for 'diversity and tolerance', and are not necessarily meant to be used by a 'separate group of people'.