Germany Heads for Peak Madness

Germany Heads for Peak Madness

If you think your 'government' is full of fruits and nuts, just be thankful you're not GERMAN!

The three leftist parties about to form the new regime in Berlind have just released their 178 page coalition treaty.

Among their agreed policies are:

The voting age will be lowered to 16; 

Making the acquisition of German citizenship easier and increasing immigration;

A ‘self-declaration law’, which will allow everyone to change their gender by declaration alone;

Gender reassignment surgery will be fully funded through the public health system;

Nuclear power plants will be switched off next year, as already planned. Coal will be phased out by 2030 (8 years earlier than previously planned). The energy gap will be filled by as yet undeveloped 'green' technology;

The legalisation of cannabis;

The acceleration of the accession of Albania into the EU;

Equal representation of male and female MPs in the Bundestag.