Get the Hell Out!

Get the Hell Out!

American cities this summer are going to be VERY dangerous places for white people. The controlled mass media have whipped up hysterical and psychotic levels of race hatred against majority Americans, and if anyone thinks that the conviction of Derek Chauvin by a terrified jury will appease the mob - well, they clearly know nothing about mobs.

This isn't about whether Chauvin should or should not have been found guilty. He clearly wasn't a 'white supremacist'. because he was married to a Hmong refugee. He had very good reasons to restrain the violent career criminal George Floyd with ruthless effectiveness, but even so, the video footage could easily lead one to conclude that he recklessly went too far. Just as significant numbers of American cops do every year when they kill white suspects, as well as black ones. The difference is that they can rough up and even kill white victims without anyone even noticing, but if they hurt a black person - whether justifiably or not - they cannot now even get a fair trial, because everyone knows that to find an officer not guilty would be to set America ablaze.

America undoubtedly does have a problem with police brutality, but it is not a racial issue. A minority of American police officers are brutal and dangerous to ALL who fall foul of them, regardless of race or colour. But the USA has a FAR bigger problem with the endemic and out-of-control racism that makes white victims all too common and always invisible. The racism that screams with outrage when a black person dies, but turns away - time and time again - and refuses even to acknowledge the far bigger numbers of white victims. White victims both of police brutality and, far more often, of racist violence at the hands of black perpetrators.

With police officers now fearful every time they confront a black criminal, with the political and media elite yammering endlessly about 'white racism' and the 'need to change', the level of hatred and uncontrolled violence directed against ordinary, innocent, white civilians in the USA is now going to go through the roof. White people are demonised and already put on notice that - for us, and us alone - even the basic human right of self-defence no longer applies. The scene is set for mass murder.

The Knights Templar send an URGENT warning to all white Americans: Random, murderous mob violence and brutal racist murders - lynchings by guns, knives, fists, iron bars, petrol bombs and ropes - are a whisker away in every significantly 'multi-racial' city and suburb in America. When the wave of horror hits, the police will not rescue you. Indeed, unless you defend yourself effectively, the cowardly, demotivated, frightened-for-their-lives-freedom-and-pensions cops won't even turn up. The media and politicians won't admit that the victims of this coming pogrom even exist.

There is no fighting this on the streets of America's cities; they are already lost to the mob. The only way to be safe is to get the hell out. Take yourselves, your families, your most treasured possessions, and move out. Not next year, or in six months time, but now. If you own a house within striking distance for one of the coming mobs, just sell it for whatever you can get, and leave it behind. If that means taking a financial loss, then take it, because bricks and mortar don't begin to compare in value to the lives of your loved ones.

It's time, quite literally, to head for the hills. Get out! Get out! Get out!