"Get Vaxxed or Die" - Hospital Bullies

"Get Vaxxed or Die" - Hospital Bullies

"Get the jab, or don't get treated - and die". That's the stark choice given to a loving North Carolina family as their adopted daughter is refused  a life-saving kidney transplant because her parents will not have her “vaccinated” with a COVID injection.

The 14-year-old rescued orphan from Ukraine (in the centre of the family photo) has been denied treatment by one of the best children's hospitals in the USA, Dukes in Durham, NC.

“I feel the same about this for my daughter Yulia as I do any of my eight biological children or other adopted children. Yulia is my child, and I am afraid that the COVID shot will kill her,” Chrissy Hicks told National File, adding that she has “done the research” on the issue and has a medical background.

Yulia has Senior Løken syndrome, a rare genetic condition in which the kidneys and eyes gradually fail. She is currently on dialysis and needs a kidney transplant to live.

Despite previously being told by a doctor at Duke Children’s Hospital that so-called COVID “vaccines” were not required for kidney transplants, Chrissy and Lee Hicks were informed in November that Yulia needs the jab to receive a kidney transplant.

Chrissy explained that on October 7, she and her husband spoke to “many doctors” at Duke and told LifeSiteNews that they were given conflicting accounts of the requirements for kidney transplants.

While Dr. Eileen Tsai Chambers, a pediatric kidney transplant specialist, said the COVID jab was required for such a transplant, Dr. Daniel Chang said the jab was “highly recommended” but not mandatory, and that “families had gotten transplants without it.”

Then, on November 9, wellness coordinator Catherine Thomas emailed the parents, informing them in a first email about what was “recommended” for the transplant surgery, and in a second email with “different verbiage,” what was “required” for the operation.

Chrissy told LifeSiteNews that the selection criteria for kidney transplants did not specifically mention COVID “vaccination” but indicated that “medical recommendations” were to be adhered to.

On November 10, Yulia was flat-out denied a kidney transplant by the hospital committee charged with its oversight because her parents would not have her “vaccinated” against COVID.

The denial culminated in a phone call on November 29 during which Chambers told the Hicks that COVID shots are now “recommended” for pediatric kidney transplants because the CDC now “recommen[ds]” the shots for “all ages.”

Lee maintained that they themselves were willing to take on any risk involved in the surgery, Yulia being unvaxxed, but Chambers insisted, “The risk is on our center as well because we have seen people, not here but at other places not getting vaccinated, and they have a poor transplant outcome.”

At the end of the argument, the hospital's decision was as simple as it is brutal: "If you don’t follow our recommendations then Yulia can’t be a transplant candidate here."

Chrissy's response is pricincipled and incredibly brave: “The reason why we’re bringing this to the public is because this is really bigger than Yulia, it’s bigger than us. This is about medical freedom that we’re losing in America every day. The line has been drawn in the sand. And if we don’t stand up now, the time may come where we can’t stand up.”